Nigerian Militants Threatens to Attack Indonesian Embassy

Fajar Nugraha    •    12 Mei 2015 14:43 WIB
indonesian embassy
Nigerian Militants Threatens to Attack Indonesian Embassy
Dubes RI untuk Nigeria Harry Purwanto saat beri surat kuasa (Foto: Dok. KBRI Nigeria), Abuja: Indonesian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, received an attack threat by a group of militants, namely the M.O.G.

"Following the meetings of (M.O.G.) leaders, we warn Indonesian government not to kill Nigerian citizens. We urge Indonesian government to stop it," as quoted from the M.O.G. threat letter received by in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/12/2015).
The threat is likely related to the executions of death penalty towards a Nigerian involved in drug crimes. The execution was previously conducted at Nusakambangan prison in April 2015.
"M.O.G. is not satisfied with the recent developments. We warn Indonesian government to seize it as soon as possible," continued the letter.
The letter also mentioned the ranks of the Indonesian Embassy in Nigeria. "This is the list of staffs, including the Ambassador and other diplomats. Mr. Harry Purwanto, Eko Indiarto, Herian Yuliansyah, Lufti Anggara and Noro Setyo," mentioned the letter.
"We will take action if it (death executions on Nigerians) happens again," conclude the letter. 
It is still unknown who M.O.G. group is. Based on the virtual world's search, M.O.G. is the abbreviation for Ministry of God or Man of God. So far, it is known that the group is a right wing extremists in Nigeria. (Eps)

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