BNN: Rehabilitation for Junkies Not Optimal

Budi Ernanto    •    18 Mei 2015 11:29 WIB
BNN: Rehabilitation for Junkies Not Optimal
The Head of Anti-Narcotics Agency of Indonesia (BNN) Commissioner General Anang Iskandar. ANTARA FOTO / Wahyu Putro A, Jakarta: The Head of Indonesia's Anti-Narcotics Agency (BNN) Commissioner General Anang Iskandar admitted the application of rehabilitation as a punishment for narcotic addicts is not optimal. Nevertheless, these addicts have to serve rehabilitation process according to the Article 54 of the Law No. 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics.

Anang mentioned that mostly the judge's verdict place these addicts in jail.

"Judges cannot be blamed, as they are using the article for (drug) dealers. That is the bad side. Meanwhile, according to the Law on Narcotics, it is also mentioned on Article 103 that an addicts will be placed in rehabilitation if found guilty or not guilty in conducting narcotics crime," Anang said on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

Anang stated that the verdict was present when the integrated assessment team was not utilized by law enforcers handling the narcotics case. He took an example of Fariz RM case, where investigators did not bring him to the assessment team as he was categorized into dealers.

"The judge's verdict was to put Fariz in prison," he added.

On the investigation, Anang said, investigators are to actively request for assessments to the available team, for the Article 54 to be applied.

"So, the ones publishing the 'deale'r title, especially on the addiction state are the assessment team. The 'abuser' title may be determined by investigators. But without assessments, addicts can be considered as dealers, to face criminal charges. Moreover, given the Article to initiate arrest, so they become like dealers," explained Anang. (Eps)


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