Military: Virginity Test for Moral Evaluation

Aedy azeza ulfi    •    18 Mei 2015 16:38 WIB
virginity test
Military: Virginity Test for Moral Evaluation
Female Indonesian soldiers stand in formation during a rehearsal for the 65th anniversary ceremony of the Indonesian armed forces in Jakarta, October 3, 2010. AFP / BAY ISMOYO, Jakarta: Virginity test for female Indonesian military candidates was said to evaluate the morals of these would-be-officers.

The statement was delivered by the Head of Information Center of the Indonesian Military Headquarters, Major General Fuad Basya, saying that the virginity test is part of the medical examination for the admission of Indonesian Military officers.

"This (virginity test) is to know their moral," stated Major General Fuad Basya at the Primetime News program in Metro TV, Sunday evening (5/17/2015).

Fuad said, moral is a criteria of military recruitments. He clearly stated that the moral will influence on how a military personnel conduct his/her duties.

"Military has to have good moral. How would he/she forge their men, if the moral is bad," he said.

Fuad added that the results of whether a candidate is virgin or not, are not the main points in deciding whether a recruit passes the medical examinations in the admission process. "It doesn't mean that she would fail the test, when checked that she's not a virgin. If found that she's not a virgin, the team will then look into her family and environment, then if found that she is good and possesses good moral, it will not affect the test result," Fuad added.

Fuad also denies the nickname of virginity test, as he thinks the test belong to a series of health examination categories. "There is no virginity test, there is only health examinations, where there are physical and psychological tests," he concluded. (Eps)