Synthetic Rice Politicization, Jokowi: Preposterous!

Pythag Kurniati    •    24 Mei 2015 17:11 WIB
plastic rice
Synthetic Rice Politicization, Jokowi: Preposterous!
President Joko Widodo (center) at Car Free Day in Solo, Central Java, Sunday (5/24/2015). Antara Foto / Maulana Surya, Surakarta: President Joko Widodo shows his disbelief if the flaring case of the synthetic or plastic rice distribution is a way of increasing local rice prices.

"Plastic rice price is more expensive than regular rice. If the motive is economic profit, it is preposterous," the President said when met in between his morning exercise in Solo, Central Java, Sunday (5/24/2015).

Jokowi took the time for a morning exercise in Solo Car Free Day, in between his hometown visit. The President walked at least three kilometers from the Gendengan intersection to Gladak.

In that occasion, Jokowi asked the public to be patient in waiting for laboratory results to determine the synthetic rice. "This has just been tested. So, before the results are out, please don't make a big fuss out of it," he said while walking. 

The President is worried that the rumor spreading would agitate the public, whereas the majority of the Indonesian population consumes rice.

He also hoped that speculators would not conduct any preposterous economic maneuvers. (Eps)