Sanctions are Common in Diplomacy, Assistant US Foreign Minister on Myanmar

Fajar Nugraha    •    03 Juni 2015 15:04 WIB
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Sanctions are Common in Diplomacy, Assistant US Foreign Minister on Myanmar
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Anne C. Richard (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Currently, Myanmar has still rejected Rohingya as part of their citizens. It is not impossible that sanctions may be imposed upon the country.

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Anne Richard tried to deliberate what the United States government may do related to the issue.

"It is interesting when you say what can my government do (on Rohingya). Because in diplomacy, we try to influence, assure, put pressure and conduct various efforts to urge a country in doing the right thing," Richard said when met during a discussion with journalists in Sarana Jaya Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/3/2015).

"I can't be 100 percent in guaranteeing that my government is able to assure Myanmar in conducting the right thing. But I can say that we are very clear, on the transition process being conducted by Myanmar, that many have followed the Myanmar within the past couple of years wishing that they may successfully completed the transition," she explained.

According to Richard, the US government is involved with Myanmar and had actively spoken to the government. what US wanted is not a secret, since it has always been conveyed.

Nevertheless, for her, it is all up to Myanmar to conduct election and build democracy. This is the main issue, whether they have developed into an advanced Myanmar or represents the former Myanmar when led by military regime.

At the same time, Richard was not aware on any sanctions prepared for Myanmar.

"We hope to be able to cooperate with Myanmar, as responsible members of the international community. But in diplomacy, sanctions are always an option," she reaffirmed.

Rohingya ethnic group had often suffered violence and discrimination from Myanmar government and public. The situation had caused them to flee and sail into a new country to find better life. (EPS)