Deputy Ambassador: No Indonesian Casualties for Malaysian Quake

Fajar Nugraha    •    05 Juni 2015 14:56 WIB
Deputy Ambassador: No Indonesian Casualties for Malaysian Quake
The earthquake hitting Sabah, Malaysia (Photo: The Star), Kuala Lumpur: The earthquake hitting Sabah, Malaysia on Friday morning local time (6/5/2015) caused no Indonesian casualties, as confirmed by the Indonesian Embassy.
The confirmation was reported directly by the Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to Malaysia, Hermono.
"We and the Indonesian Consulate General Task Force in Kinabalu City have investigated and confirmed that there is no Indonesian casualties as the result of the recent earthquake in Sabah," Hermono stated as contacted by, Friday (6/5/2015).
"There were also no casualties from local citizens, only minor damages on buildings and streets. Sabah was hit by a 6 Richter Scale quake (5.9 according to Malaysia) centered in Ranau City, 105 kilometers from Kinabalu," he explained.
Due to the quake, several climbers currently climbing Kinabalu Mountain were asked to descend. Hermono also said there are no information on any Indonesians on the mountain.
"We haven't received any info. We are still coordinating with the Consulate in Kinabalu," he revealed.
Meanwhile officials have received reports that the ground condition is still unstable following the quake. The report was acquired from residents and officials in the valley, who are observing situation and taking necessary measures after the quake.
Through Facebook, officials in Sabah have asked residents to stay calm and pray for those affected by the quake. (EPS)


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