This is How Go-Jek Drivers Avoid Local Ojeg Threats

LB Ciputri Hutabarat    •    12 Juni 2015 16:10 WIB
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This is How Go-Jek Drivers Avoid Local Ojeg Threats
Line of Go Jek Driver (Photo: MI), Jakarta: To minimize future threats, several Go-Jek drivers have carried special equipment. They are jackets and helmets with no Go-Jek logo.
"I have carried common jacket and helmet I used when I was a regular ojeg driver. It's for precautions, to be safe when transporting customers," said a Go-Jek driver who does not want to be mentioned to at Jalan Gajah Mada, Central Jakarta, Friday (6/12/2015).
He carried the equipment since he had experienced unpleasant experience. He stated that several local ojeg drivers were offended by the presence of Go-Jek. 
"They said I took their earnings. However, I had an appointment from a place far from them," he stated.
Due to that issue, he rather prevent something from happening then to create bigger issue, despite his knowledge that the Go-Jek attributes are a necessity by the company, as failing to wear them is to face sanctions. 
"Rather than getting hit, it's better to avoid. By carrying the jacket and black helmet," he affirmed.
Even so, he confessed that he had received warranty from Go-Jek company. The warranty was only an insurance policy. 
"We have been given insurance from the office, so if anything happens, we have something to hope for," he added.
Previously, Go-Jek driver named Faisal Basri, 45, confessed he was threatened by local ojeg drivers. He was threatened when waiting for his client at around Karet, South Jakarta.
Despite the bad treatment, the Tegal resident, Central Java, did not take it by heart. He had previously experienced similar treatments before he joined Go-Jek. (EPS)


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