Indonesia Never Banned Foreign Press to Papua: Foreign Minister

Surya Perkasa    •    22 Juni 2015 14:47 WIB
Indonesia Never Banned Foreign Press to Papua: Foreign Minister
Pemandangan umum kompleks perumahan staf PT Freeport di Tembagapura, Papua. AFP / OLIVIA RONDONUWU, Jakarta: Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi conducted a work meeting with the Commission I of the House of Representatives related to Papua. One of the issues highlighted by public is the entrance opening for international press journalists.

But the foreign minister set the record straight that Papua was never closed from foreign media.

"The government had never banned foreign press visits or foreign visits to Papua. That kind of ban never existed," Minister Retno affirmed at the Parliamentary Complex in Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (6/22/2015).

It was proven in 2014, where 22 foreign visits were approved by the ministry. Indonesian government never shut off the entrance for press or foreign nationals if not for requirement and safety reasons.

"Practically there were no rejections. Unless due to lacking administrative requirements and maybe if the condition is not possible or not conducive," explained the former Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands.

She was unable to say that the President's statement and instruction on Papua may have negative effect on the security at the end-region of Indonesia. But the statement of the President, which opened the door for foreign press to Papua, is welcomed by international community.

"After the new directions from the president, the international world has welcomed it well," she concluded. (Eps)