Mosque and Church Built in Freeport's Underground Mine

Suryopratomo    •    22 Juni 2015 15:58 WIB
Mosque and Church Built in Freeport's Underground Mine
Underground mosque in PT Freeport Indonesia, Papua. Metro TV / Suryopratomo, Timika: Have you ever imagined a mosque and church standing side by side inside a mountain? That is what PT Freeport Indonesia is constructing within the their underground mine area in Timika, Papua.

Jami Mosque and Oikumene Church are built for the employees, as they are working on the preparation of an underground mining operation to be started once the Special Mining Business permit is granted by the government to PT Freeport Indonesia.

So far, Freeport Indonesia had invested US$1.5 billion to build underground infrastructure. The preparation is being conducted as the open mine in Grasberg will lose much of its production in 2017.

PT Freeport has targeted to maintain processed production of 240 tons per day. In order to do so, there is no other way than conducting underground mining.

Currently, rounding road infrastructure has been built as far as 500 kilometers underground. At least 2,450 people are working in that area, therefore a place to conduct prayers is in need.

The mosque and church built are 7 kilometers from the mine's entrance. From the mountain top above, the mosque and church are at the 1,600 meters of depth. But they are not humid and lacking air if a prayer is conducted inside the mosque.

"We deliberately build a large blower machine to provide enough air for those working underground," Senior Vice President Geoservice of Freeport, Wahy Sunyoto said. "All the tunnels, mosque and church were built by Indonesian youngsters." (Eps)