Margriet's Lawyer is Urged to be Sensitive on Balinese Public's Feeling

Arnoldus Dhae    •    24 Juni 2015 13:10 WIB
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Margriet's Lawyer is Urged to be Sensitive on Balinese Public's Feeling
Hotma Sitompul, lawyer for Margriet. MI / Mochamad Irfan, Denpasar: Lawyer Hotma Sitompul was asked to pay attention on Balinese community's feeling. Hotma, who is now Margriet's (Angeline's guardian mother) legal counsel, had been considered as giving disruptive statements against Bali's public.

"We, lawyers in Bali, refused to provide legal counsel to Margriet not because we were unable, but we have the right to refuse by considering various public social aspects. Which is why we implore a senior lawyer such as Hotma Sitompul to create a conducts atmosphere and also paying attention to the atmosphere of Balinese people which greatly attentive towards the case," said the Bali Regional Board Chairman of Indonesian Young Advocates Association (HAMI), Agustinus Nahak, when met in Denpasar, Wednesday (6/24/2015).

Agustinus and other lawyers are joined in the Solidarity of Balinese Community for Angeline (Simbol Bali). According to Nahak, Angeline's case has drawn the social attention of Balinese community, whereas Hotma Sitompul had been considered to throw insensitive statements. Some examples could be seen by media threats, such as reporting Akbar Faisal to the House of Representatives ethical committee, planning to sue P2TP2A Denpasar, harassing the National Committee on Child Protection by saying it is not a government institution and other bluffs.

"By news coverage, Hotma successfully brought it. But it is important to remember the hurting mysticism condition of Balinese people in this case. As also the threats and social media bullying which presented negative image to Hotma Cs. It's is a pity. I am an admirer of Hotma, but in this case, I'm different," he stated.

To affirm the support and attention of Balinese advocates towards Angeline's case, he stated that several days ago his party had met with Bali Police Chief Inspector General Ronny F. Sompie. In the meeting, the group of lawyers provided legal opinion to the police chief that Angeline's murder was conducted not by a single person, but other suspect(s) who have not been revealed yet.

"We asked the police to completely reveal those involved in Angeline's death. We respect the performance of Indonesian Police to reveal who and what motives behind Angeline's death soon. We will continue the fight to bring Justice for Angeline," he stated.

Another Simbol Bali advocate, Valerian Libert Wangge, had asked Balinese people to oversee the revealing process of Angeline's case.

"It is time for us to pledge solidarity to the victim. This kind of humanity crime is enough. The people's participation is also protected by the law, so all forms of threats should be battled against," Wangge stated.

As informed, Angeline was found dead at her guardian mother's backyard, Margriet Megawe, in Sedap Malam Road, Sanur, Bali, on June 10. Police had named Agustinus Tae, a household helper at Margriet's residence as suspect. Meanwhile, Margriet is now detained at Bali Police Headquarters as a suspect of child abandonment. (Eps)


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