Choosing Comfortable Dresses for Lebaran by Designer Ria Miranda

Nia Deviyana    •    27 Juni 2015 10:09 WIB
holy month of ramadan
Choosing Comfortable Dresses for Lebaran by Designer Ria Miranda
Ria Miranda (Photo: Instagram), Jakarta: After going through a month full of fasting, the moslems are going to celebrate their victory on Eid al-Fitr. On that day, several activities such as sending apologies, visiting relatives and colleagues, as well as dining together have become the tradition to be conducted all day, even two days in a row.

To perform the activities during Eid al-Fitr comfortably and without disruptions, proper selections of clothing is very influential to your activities. Designer Ria Miranda provides some tips to select comfortable clothing to wear during the holiday.

1. Choose comfortable fabric, as cotton may serve well as your holiday attire. The material may absorb sweat nicely and provides comfort during your activities. Aside from that, choose a simple cut attires to free your movement.

"Example, don't use shirts with wide arms, as it would be difficult to get soupy food, as it tends to easily dipped and dirtied. For the length of the clothing, it should also be adjusted not to stretch beyond the legs," she said when met in Senayan City, Jakarta.

2. Do not over accessorize. Aside from being heavy and too glamorous, Ria considered excessive accessories are inappropriate for the holy day. Ria suggested to switch the accessories with clothing embroidered by gold motives in several parts.

3. Kaftan is still a trend. Speaking of the current moslem clothing trend, the West Sumatra designer thinks minimalist and modern designs are still favorable. One of the examples is Kaftan. (EPS)


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