Jokowi's Instruction to New Chief of Customs

Suci Sedya Utami    •    04 Juli 2015 15:14 WIB
Jokowi's Instruction to New Chief of Customs
Heru Pambudi (left) (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: The newly selected Director General of Customs, Heru Pambudi, received a special message from President Joko Widodo from the Presidential Palace.

Heru admitted that the President directed him on several matters as the new captain of the Indonesian customs.

"President Jokowi gave three directives as to conduct the duties," Heru said in a talk with the media at the Financial Minister's Office, Central Jakarta, Friday, July 3, 2015.

First, the Directorate General of Customs is asked to focus on the illegal merchandise, including illegal imports and levies. According to Heru, President Jokowi instructed his institution to overcome smuggling a which may disrupt local industries.

"We have been asked to overcome illegal import goods, such as rice that will disrupt farmers or those which put aside local producers due to unfairness," he said.

Secondly, the President had asked his Directorate General to cooperate with other institutions in reducing the dwelling time process, which is currently still take 5.5 days. The president had urged the dwelling time to be expedited to 4.7 days.

"So we are asked not to focus only on the customs clearance, but also to handle pre customs and post customs clearances," he deliberated.

Finally, due to the heavy economic challenges currently, which affects the state income, he is asked to appoint professional custom officials accordingly.

"Should any dismantling is needed, it will be conducted, but not totally. If they are perfect in their positions, they will stay, and vice versa," he explained. (EPS)

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