Ahok Meets JK to Discuss Plans to Build Inexpensive Apartments

Wanda Indana    •    15 Juli 2015 17:46 WIB
governor basuki tjahaja purnama
Ahok Meets JK to Discuss Plans to Build Inexpensive Apartments
Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Photo: MI)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Jakarta Provincial Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is to meet with Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the Vice Presidential Palace.

JK and Ahok, Basuki’s nickname, will conduct a limited meeting.One of the topics for discussion during the meeting is the construction of inexpensive apartments in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

"Mr. JK said, Kemayoran not to be filled with another expensive apartment. We build subsidized apartments, where the neighborhood fees only cost between Rp75,000 to Rp100,000 per day," said the governor at the City Hall, Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (7/15/2015).

The former East Belitung Regent stated that third parties own many areas in Kemayoran. Therefore, prior to the realization of the inexpensive housing constructions for poor citizens, Jakarta administration will first take action to clear up the unlicensed buildings and slums resided by citizens without permission.

"Well, there is lots of land owned by Perumnas being occupied. JK wants all the slums to be managed neatly, as they are urged to live in the flats. But there should be empty space to build (the flats)," Ahok concluded.

Previously, Ahok and JK had observed the slums in Kemayoran and Tanjung Priok by helicopter.

Ahok claimed to successfully migrated 14,000 citizens living in illegal slums to the rented flats (Rusunawa). This year, he targeted of moving another 12,000 to the flats. He thought citizens occupying illegal spaces are many in North Jakarta.

He confessed that there are many obstacles faced during the relocation. Although flats are provided, many citizens have sold them and returned to the riverbeds. Ahok said there is an involvement of Jakarta administration officials in the matter, as he thought the officials are allegedly selling the units between Rp15 million to Rp50 million.

"Sometimes the civil servant is caught, but did not confess. Neighborhood officials and occupants are also playing. The residents there are like property agents, unfortunately, some of our people are interested," Ahok said previously on Monday, April 20.

His party is to accelerate the process of making DKI Bank accounts and debit cards as the identification for flat owners to avoid purchasing transactions of the flats. The card serves as an autodebet function to pay monthly rent of the flats.

"We have utilized banking system. Our officials delaying the process are to be fired. We have staffed it, already removed," he affirmed. (EPS)


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