Holiday Travel Peak, 11,785 Travelers Left Jakarta From Kp. Rambutan

Ilham wibowo    •    16 Juli 2015 15:01 WIB
eid al-fitr holidays.
Holiday Travel Peak, 11,785 Travelers Left Jakarta From Kp. Rambutan
Photo: Media Indonesia, Jakarta: The peak of holiday travel has passed in Kampung Rambutan Terminal, as the surge of travelers occurred on Wednesday afternoon, July 15, until late at night.

"The number of passengers had increased since afternoon to late evening, all passengers in the terminal have been departed," said the Head of Kampung Rambutan Terminal, Laudin Situmorang, when met by at the terminal, Thursday (7/16/2015).

Based on the data of the Holiday Travel Monitoring Coordination Center of the Ministry of Transportation, the number of passengers within the past 24 hours have reached 11,785 people, as transported with 483 regular bus fleets. Meanwhile on the previous day, passengers were recorded at 10,346 people.

The number of holiday travelers at the peak of travel time in Kp. rambutan Terminal increased in 2015 if compared to the previous year. Last year, the peak of holiday travel had departed 10,237 passengers.

Previously, officials in Kp. Rambutan Terminal have prepared additional buses to anticipate the surge of travelers overflow incapacitated by the regular buses on the current holiday travel peak.

A number of tourism buses were prepared should an accumulation of travelers was to occur. However, the information received from the Eid Holiday Travel of Kp. Rambutan Terminal data stated that additional buses are not deployed yet. "Until presently we have not deploy additional fleets, meaning regular buses are still sufficient," Laudin said. (EPS)

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