BIN Had Predicted Tolikara Incident

Rudy Polycarpus    •    22 Juli 2015 13:45 WIB
tolikara riot
BIN Had Predicted Tolikara Incident
Chief of BIN (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: The Head of National Intelligence Agency (BIN) Sutiyoso stated that intelligence personnel had predicted the potential of riot in Karubaga, Tolikara Regency, Papua, due to the circular letter of restriction to conduct Eid prayer published by the Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI).

The form of anticipation, as explained by Sutiyoso, was the deployment of security personnel to guard the Eid prayer service. The prayer was also agreed by the public, regional government and local security forces.

"Regional Leaders Assembly, ulemas, as well as the President of GIDI attended the coordination meeting and agreed that Eid prayers would be held," Sutiyoso said when contacted on Tuesday (7/21/2015).

Sutiyoso claimed the security personnel have anticipated the worst scenario, but in the end were overwhelmed by the mass. "What happened was there were lots of mass and anarchy, as the authorities were overwhelmed," said the PKPI politician.

Intelligence, as said by Sutiyoso, is currently investigating foreign involvements in the incident, including the suspicion of proxy war. Proxy war is a war triggered by a main force not directly involved in the incident.

Despite the current process to make intelligence conclusion, Sutiyoso thinks that proxy war might have happened due to the involvement of foreign nation wanting to disrupt the security in Papua. "We are currently investigating that," he stated.

The incident in Tolikara Regency, Papua, on Friday, July 17, caused dozens of kiosks and a mosque caught fire, as several were shot by the authorities. The shooting killed a local resident and wounded 10 others. (EPS)