Ical Stated Regional Elections Still Goes with the Deal

M Rodhi Aulia    •    25 Juli 2015 15:18 WIB
Ical Stated Regional Elections Still Goes with the Deal
Aburizal Bakrie (Photo: Antara)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Chairman of Golkar Party based on National Congress IX Bali, Aburizal Bakrie, won the case at the North Jakarta State Court, Friday (7/24/2015). However, he affirmed that he still agrees with the limited reconciliation agreement with Agung Laksono's group based on the Regional Elections at the end of the year.

"On the Regional Elections, we are still going together. As stated on the previous agreement," said the man usually called as Ical, in his personal Twitter account @aburizalbakrie, Friday evening.

He thanked the North Jakarta Court for declaring that his version of the National Congress IX Bali is legalized, as the National Congress IX Ancol - along with its policies made by Agung's group, is stated as invalid. Nevertheless, Ical was not being proud.

"The decision was necessarily applied, meaning the decision may be applied initially despite a higher appeal by the AL group/National Congress Ancol," Ical explained.

Ical and Agung Laksono's groups have twice signed a commitment related to the preparation of facing the Regional Elections as a party. The reconciliation was conducted thanks to the cold hands of Golkar's senior politician Jusuf Kalla.

Meanwhile, the General Election Commission had also accommodated parties with two boards of management to join the elections, as long as the candidate couples and coalitions of both parties remain the same. (EPS)


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