Two Army Generals Potential for Replacing Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno

Wandi Yusuf    •    25 Juli 2015 15:24 WIB
Two Army Generals Potential for Replacing Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno
Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law and Security Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: Two generals' names emerged as candidates, along with the rising reshuffling issue for the position for the coordinating minister of politics, law and security currently headed by Ret. Admiral Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno. They are former Military Chief Ret. General Moeldoko and former Deputy Minister of Defense Ret. Lt. General Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin.

Several observers assessed that military figure is the most ideal candidate for the position of the coordinating minister. "As culturally, civilians will be overwhelmed. Military Is one of the modern organizations, rational and swift. Perfect for the position as the coordinating minister position," said a defense issues observer Al-Chaidir, Friday (7/24/2015).

The military figure sought should also posses the ability of being close with the people, said Chaidir. "As the large people's power clearly affects politics, law and security. Civilians are the secondary strength after the military. They are unarmed, but imagine the great working force and their influence on security sector," he explained.

When asked about the ideal candidate, Chaidir mentioned two names, Moeldoko and Sjafrie. "I see that both is considerable," he explained.

Defense observer from Muhammadiyah University, Malang, Muhadjir Effendy thinks that the reshuffle of the coordinating minister is President Jokowi's prerogative right. However, Muhadjir said that the President may also keep Tedjo.

"Politics, law and security is somewhat unpredictable. The more unstable the situation, there will be more unpredictable cases," Muhadjir added.

If there should be any changes, the man who studied at the National Defense University, USA, also suggested Jokowi to select candidates from the military. He thinks Moeldoko and Sjafrie are the ideal figures to head the position of coordinating minister.

As seen from the branches, he continued, both are suitable as Tedjo, who is the current coordinating minister, is a four-star figure from the maritime branch. Prior to Tedjo, the position was also headed by a military figure from the air force branch, Ret. Air Chief Marshal Djoko Suyanto. Should Tedjo be replaced from the Army branch, he thinks it is ideal.

"If Moeldoko from the Army is assigned with the position, then the circulation would most likely be ideal," he added.

The writer of "Military Professionalism: Indonesian Military Professionalisation" assessed that Moeldoko is one of the suitable candidates. "With his capacity as an experienced retired general and the doctorate academic qualification, I think it is already a guarantee," he stated.

Based on the survey of Syaiful Mujani Research and Consulting on the Work Cabinet of Jokowi-JK administration earlier on July, the coordinating minister of politics, law and security got the worst score. Minister Tedjo had only gained 9.9 percent of respondents' satisfaction level. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fishery lead by Susi Pudjiastuti acquired the best score. (EPS)


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