Indonesian Worker Threatened with Prison for Wanting to go Home

Willy Haryono    •    10 Agustus 2015 16:02 WIB
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Indonesian Worker Threatened with Prison for Wanting to go Home
Indonesian workers repatriated from Saudi Arabia arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten, January 19, 2015. (Photo: MI / Yuniar), Mecca: Since the Indonesian government applied the moratorium of the Indonesian workforce placement in 2011 and the seizure of Indonesian workers placement in Saudi Arabia in 2015, the workers' employers have been uneasy. There are lots of employers or users who prevented the workers from returning to Indonesia even though their work contracts have expired. 

It was experienced by Wafa Binti Misrawi (29), an Indonesian worker from Jember, East Java, who works at a salon in Jizan, Saudi Arabia, since May 3, 2009, through the Profilindo Adhi Perdana workforce supplier. In the previous contract, it is agreed that Wafa will be returned home to Indonesia after two years of employment, but it has not been applied until now.

"In the agreement, the employer had agreed that after two years of employment, I will be sent home. But until now, every time it is enquired, he was always angry and threatened to put me in jail," said Wafa when she complained to the Deputy Chairman of POSPERTKI in Mecca, Ahmad Jufriadi, on early Monday morning (8/10/2015).

Aside from that, Wafa explained the salon where she works is owned by Saniyah, as it used a Saudi Arabian citizen Muhammad Abdullah, who is her sponsor. 

During her employment, Wafa has never communicated directly with her sponsor. All this time, the communication was only conducted through Saniyah.

In her confession, Wafa had been imprisoned for four days in 2013, due to her arrest during her trip to the hospital. She was asked about the work permit (iqamah) and when they found it has expired, she was taken into custody. Wafa was released when her employer came to the holding facility. 

"Until now, my permit and passport have not been extended by the employer. Also when I departed to Saudi, I used a household assistant visa," Wafa continued. 

She admitted to have complained to the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh in 2013, but there were no follow up until now. For the salary, she said it is not a problem. She had been paid 800 Saudi Real and was increased to 1,000 Saudi Real. For the past two months, her salary has risen to 3,000 Saudi Real per month. 

Ahmad Jufriadi, the Deputy Chairman of POSPERTKI in Mecca, said he would follow up the case and report them to the Indonesian Consulate General in Jedda. As informed, Jizan is a city under the accreditation of the consulate general. 

Previously, on Sunday (8/9/2015), POSPERTKI Saudi Arabia had reported similar case to the Indonesian embassy and consulate general, among others Titin Sumiati, an Indonesian worker from Karawang, West Java, whose work contract had expired in Dammam, but not repatriated. The case has been reported to the embassy in Riyadh through electronic mail.

Asmah Binti Nurdin also experienced the same issue, where she has been working for five years in Jedda but not repatriated, whereas her salary for 2 years and 11 months were not given. Her case was also reported directly by the Chairman of POSPERTKI Ramida Muhammad and the Chairman of Advocation of POSPERTKI Ahmad Ali Wafa to the Consulate General in Jedda, who were received directly by the employment attache of the consulate, Hertanto Setyo.

When reporting the case of Asmah Binti Nurdin to the Consulate General in Jedda, POSPERTKI was accompanied by the Chairman of the Foreign Representative of PDIP Saudi Arabia, Sharief Rachmat. The meeting also followed up on other Indonesian workers cases.


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