Appeal Pulled Off, Walfrida Soik Free from Death Penalty in Malaysia

Fajar Nugraha    •    25 Agustus 2015 17:52 WIB
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Appeal Pulled Off, Walfrida Soik Free from Death Penalty in Malaysia
Walfrida Soik free of all charges (Photo: Migrant Care), Putrajaya: The appeal court trial of Walfrida Soik in August 25, 2015, at the Putrajaya Supreme Court have strengthened the decision of the High Court of Kota Bharu, which decided that she is innocent.

Walfrida is considered to be innocent from conducting murder, based on his psychic disorders. The High Court of Kota Bharu has also decided Walfrida to be detained in the Permai Johor Bahru Mental Hospital until she receives pardon from Sultan Kelantan.

"The release of Walfrida Soik from prison sentence as the Attorney pulled the appeal on the decision of the Kota Bharu High Court. Therefore the legal proceedings of Walfrida Soik has the full legal effect," mentioned the statement of the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia through the press release received by, Tuesday (8/25/2015).

"With the closure of Wafrida Soik's legal process, then according to the Criminal Law in Malaysia, Walfrida Soik continues the treatment in the Permai Johor Mental Hospital until the doctor declared full recovery. The doctor's assessment on the psychic condition of Walfrida Soik will be delivered to Sultan Kelantan as a consideration for pardon," said the statement.

Indonesian Ambassador in Malaysia, Herman Prayitno welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court which frees Walfrida Soik from the death penalty.

"Thank you for them who have given the attention and support throughout the legal process, up to the results as hoped for," said Ambassador Herman.

To speed to the release process of Walfrida Soik, Ambassador Herman will also convey the request of pardon to Sultan Kelantan.

As known, Walfrida had been prosecuted by death sentence on the murder case of her employer, which was done on December 2010. Walfrida Soik was a victim of human trafficking of illegal workers in Malaysia.

When sent to Malaysia, Walfrida is still under age, as proven by the bone testing and statements from a Pastor.

"Walfrida Soik has been a valuable lesson on the importance of Indonesian migrant workers placement based on the Law No. 39 Year 2004, as well as the importance of strengthening the prevention of human trafficking crime and out-of-procedure migrant workers placements," Ambassador Herman affirmed.


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