Indonesia Far Stronger in Facing Crisis

Annisa ayu artanti    •    03 September 2015 15:05 WIB
Indonesia Far Stronger in Facing Crisis
Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde admitted that the world economy currently is weak, including in Indonesia. However, Lagarde convinced that Indonesia is far stronger to face it if compared to other countries.

Lagarde said, Indonesia's condition is currently changed from its previous condition 15 years ago, as today, Indonesia is more than prepared and able to face the global economic challenges.

"We are also pleased that Indonesia has conducted macro political policies well," she mentioned at a press conference in the People's Representative Council Building in Jakarta, Wednesday (9/2/2015).

With the existing macro policy such as the Financial Security System Network (JPSK), she said at least Indonesia is far stronger compared to other countries.

"Indonesia's position is far stronger than 15 years ago. Indonesia has also prepared the Financial Security System Network," she mentioned.

Previously, in a meeting with President Joko Widodo last night, Lagarde said Indonesia has prepared well in facing the uncertainties of world economy.

"Indonesia is well prepared in facing the global economic uncertainties. There are many reforms are being implemented, there are efforts of corruption eradication and others," said Lagarde last evening.


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