Aiding Children with Cancer, 10 Celebrities Had Mass Haircuts

Dwi Ayu Rochani    •    07 September 2015 15:17 WIB
Aiding Children with Cancer, 10 Celebrities Had Mass Haircuts
Tora Sudiro was among ten celebrities who were willing to shave their hairs for the humanitarian acts for children with cancer. (Photo: MI / Ramdani)

Metrotvnews,com, Jakarta: This year, the Shave for Hope campaign was again being held.

If in 2013, Edi Brokoli was willing to shave his hair off for the humanitarian acts for children with cancer, then this year, 10 artists have participated. They were Indra Bekti, Sogi Indra Dhuaja, Tora Sudiro, Danang Postman, Adit Insomnia, Ananda Omesh, Betrand Antolin, Rhesa (Endah N Rhesa), Alexander Thian and Asty Ananta.

Indra Bekti said he was willing to be bald so that the children with cancer may keep smiling.

Similar idea was stated by comic Sogi, who was also prepared to be bald in helping the children with cancer.

"Come on, let us all lighten the burden of the children with cancer," said Sogi in a press release received by, Sunday (9/6/2015).

Betrand Antolin felt moved after watching the Shave for Hope 2013 video, as he was willing to shave off his hair.

"We forget that despite the medications available for the cancer patients, they needed our support and attention more," said Betrand.

Beautiful actress Asty Ananta also did not want to fall behind against the other actors shaving their head.

"It has been over 20 years that I haven't cut my hair short, but now I really want to help the little brothers and sisters fighting against cancer," said Asty Ananta.

This year, Shave for Hope targeted 5,000 shavees to participate at the peak of the event, in September 6, 2015, at the Avenue of Starts, Lippo Mall Kemang.

With the target of 5,000 shaves, it is hoped that Rp500 million of aid would be collected for the treatments of children with cancer.

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