PLN Brush-off Demand to Revise 35.000 Megawatt Project

Desi Angriani    •    09 September 2015 17:37 WIB
PLN Brush-off Demand to Revise 35.000 Megawatt Project
Photo: Antara, Jakarta: Director of State Electricty Company (PLN) Sofyan Basyir said that there is no revision in 35.000 megawatt project. Sofyan added that President  Jokowi has asked him to speed up the project.

"President has asked me to continue the commitment that was already in place. He also monitored every development of the project," said Sofyan, at Istana Negara, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/9/2015).

The statement from Sofyan seems contradicted with Coordinating Minister of Economy Rizal Ramli. Rizal said before that this project should be revise. But in recent development, Rizal has ended the debate around the value regarding the project.

"He (Rizal Ramli) ask not to discuss numbers," Sofyan added.

Concerning the potential loss, Sofyan said that this project will indirectly bring profit because it will lowered the industrial cost. This will also attract investor to invests their fund in Indonesia for a massive factory expansion.

"Insha Allah there will be no loss," stated Sofyan.


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