Finance Ministry Claims Jokowi's Budget More Transparent

Lukman Diah Sari    •    14 September 2015 14:42 WIB
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Finance Ministry Claims Jokowi's Budget More Transparent
President Joko Widodo. (Photo: MI / Panca Syurkani), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo's administration underlined the importance of transparency. Until now, since 2012, Indonesia is still sitting at the third place related to budget transparency in Asia.

"Indonesia is still sitting at the third in Asia. We have been concerned since 2012," said the Director of Budget Establishment of the Directorate General of Budgeting, Foreign Ministry, Kunto Wibowo Widarto, following the survey deliberation of 'Budget Transparency Performance Records' in Cikini, Central Jakarta, Sunday (9/13/2015).

According to Kunto, budget transparency in Indonesia today is far better than the Asian countries. He claimed that the transparency level has entered the top 33 percent in the world.

"But indeed, speaking in the world forum, we're already in the top 33 percent. We are starting to be open," he stated.

The visibility, he said, started from the planning, budgeting, to the deliberation in the People's Representative Council. All parties may see vividly.

"From the planning, budgeting, House deliberations, including the planning, we have started to be open," he explained.

With the transparency, he hoped that the people may monitor what the government is doing. "Including corruption prevention. Information is easily acquired and the people will be easy to evaluate," he said.

As known, in the survey released by Fitra, Indonesia is not at the scale of 59 from 100. If compared with other Asian countries such as Malaysia, they were left behind with the scale of 46. Meanwhile, if compared to the Philippines, Indonesia lost 5 points against the scale of 64.


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