Window Film Treatment, Wipe Using Warm Water

Ekawan Raharja    •    14 September 2015 14:57 WIB
Window Film Treatment, Wipe Using Warm Water
Warm water is good for keeping your window film in top shape. (Photo: MTVN / Ekawan Raharja), Jakarta: Buying a new car without the window film installment package is usually beneficial for the consumers to choose the film according to their budget and expectations. However, no matter how expensive the film is, the treatment is simple.

"Any window film you put on, to treat it is not as difficult as people may think. It is quite easy, only wipe them with warm water. The most important thing is that there is no oil within the inside of the film. That is enough, no need to uses special fluids," said Troy Kurniawan, the General Manager of Solar Gard Indonesia.

The solution was offered as many people have neglected the presence of window film. If they are tampered by oil and dust, it will make the material easier to be ruined and minimizing the protection from ultraviolet ray.

The frequency is also flexible, as not everyday that your window film is tainted with oil. Therefore, it will not be a trouble.

"Film glass on their own provided long warranty for the usage, around five years. But actually, the usage can be longer, up to twice or third times, depending on the treatment," he continued.