Dwelling Time, from Tanjung Priok to Senayan

Coki Lubis    •    16 September 2015 14:21 WIB
dwelling time
Dwelling Time, from Tanjung Priok to Senayan
Port of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. (Photo: MI / M Irfan)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: When the Head of Criminal Investigation Com. Gen. Budi Waseso brought up the corruption case of Pelindo II mobile crane, the public was convinced that it was the door to open greater cases. At least when the news spread that the investigation leads to the involvements of government officials business empires.

Along with the unfolding of the mafia practices and mini 'kingpins' at Tanjung Priok Harbor, Jakarta, Budi Waseso's displacement from his position has stolen the attention. The idea of creating a special task force for Pelindo II emerged as a response from the House.

"If there is any bigger findings than the current case, for example if it ends at the government officials, we will surely urge immediate actions," said the member of Commission III of the People's Representative Council, Asrul Sani.

As there is an indication on government officials involvement, the role of Pelindo II Task Force, intended to guard the resolution of the case handled by the police, has become an attention of its own. The agreement of intention has become a promising start, as this case was opened by President Joko Widodo's uneasiness on the long dwelling time.

However, the public questioned the task force's determination. Is there any other motives from the parliament on the Pelindo II Task Force? Where will it lead? May it be similar to the Century Task Force assessed as a mere political drama?

As the case arrived at the political realm, the public should be determined in guarding the House to stay on track. Don't let any bluffs lead the task force into a political barter. Don't repeat the weakness of Century Task Force, moreover making it as a stage for the member of the house's self imagery. 

It is time that the House provides proof of their good intentions, as stated during the campaign period of 2014 Elections. To eradicate corruption.

It is time that the public participates in guarding the process. It is time that the Police, KPK and Attorney General walk hand in hand, to conduct a historical cooperation of eradicating corruption in the future generation's history literatures.

It can be done together for a better Indonesia. To free Indonesia from the mafias of electricity, ports, shallots, rice, beef and other forms of mafia, who are often mentioned as the roots of all problems.