Minimizing Layovers, BI Urged to Handle Rupiah Seriously

Suci Sedya Utami    •    27 September 2015 16:44 WIB
Minimizing Layovers, BI Urged to Handle Rupiah Seriously
An employee counts Indonesian rupiah banknotes at an office of money changer in Jakarta on August 27, 2015.. (Photo: AFP / ADEK BERRY), Jakarta: Member of the Commission XI of the People's Representative Council (DPR) of the Golkar Fraction, Misbakhun, urged Bank Indonesia (BI) to conduct an optimal effort and to be more serious in suppressing the flow of rupiah currency weakening, especially for the BI Interest Rate.

The reason is that if rupiah goes weaker against the USD, then the business world will be more pressured, as they will continuously be forced to conduct layovers, especially for the industry importing their raw materials.

"We remind BI to be serious, as it is not the moment to hold high BI Rate, as if it is continued, the business world will be choked, and conducts layovers as a choice," Misbakhun said when met at a dialog in Gado-Gado Boplo, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday (9/26/2015).

According to Misbakhun, layovers is the last measure chosen by businessmen in the middle of unprofitable production, due to the lowering purchase power of the public, contradictory to the raw material price. Moreover, rupiah had breached Rp14,700 per USD, causing more expensive raw material prices.

"The only way a businessman conducts the rationalization towards the number of employees, they have to cut cost and production. It is what we have been worried about," he concluded.


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