Rupiah Opens at Rp13,653/USD

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    10 November 2015 11:59 WIB
Rupiah Opens at Rp13,653/USD
A bank employee counts Indonesian rupiah bank notes in Jakarta on August 25, 2015. (Foto: AFP / ADEK BERRY), Jakarta: The movement of rupiah against US dollar this morning was still weak at the opening. Rupiah was also pressured by the response over Chinese data.

Quoting Bloomberg data, Tuesday (11/10/2015), rupiah opened lower at the position of Rp13,653 per USD, if compared to the previous trade closing at the level of Rp13,644 per USD.

However, in a short while, rupiah again strengthened by 10 points, or equal to 0.07 percent to the position of Rp13,634 per USD. The rupiah movement this morning was at the range of Rp13,082 to Rp13,667 per USD.

Meanwhile, based on Yahoo Finance data, rupiah was opened weaker at the level of Rp13,686 per USD. Rupiah slowly strengthened to 38.5 points, or equal to 0.28 percent to the position of Rp13,647 per USD.


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