KM Wihana Sejahtera Ship Sinks in Lamong Bay

Muhammad Khoirur Rosyid    •    16 November 2015 16:28 WIB
KM Wihana Sejahtera Ship Sinks in Lamong Bay
KM Wihana Sejahtera en route to NTT sinks in Lamong Bay, Surabaya, East Java (Photo:dok_istimewa), Surabaya: KM Wihana Sejahtera ship on the way to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) sank in Lamong Bay, Surabaya, East Java at 09.30 Western Indonesia Time. Number of victim is still unknown.

Gresik Port Authority Port Section chief Nanang Afandi confirmed the passenger ship sank. Now officials try to evacuate victims.

"Now we are still in evacuation process. We dont know how many passengers in the ship. Some rescued themselves and jumped to the sea," said Nanang aandi when confirmed by, in Gresik, East Java, Monday (11/16/2015).

Nanang said according to information that he received, the ship was slanting then it was sinking. It is predicted that the ship was over capacity. KM Wihana Sejahtera has length 140 GT with code 9.786.

"The ship went from Surabaya on the way to NTT," he said.

Joint team from Gresik Port Authority, Surabaya Port Authority and SAR team are evacuating the victims. Information gathered, some victims have been brought to Surabaya PHC Hospital.


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