No Country Could Avoid Terror Threat: FM

Fajar Nugraha    •    18 November 2015 12:08 WIB
paris attacks
No Country Could Avoid Terror Threat: FM
Retnoo Marsudi (Photo: Kemlu), Manila: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi condemned terrorist action in Paris, France Tuesday (11/13/2015). According to the minister, no country could avoid terror threat.

In the APEC Ministerial Meeting in Manila, Philippines (11/17/2015), minister gave condolences and also condemned terror attacks in Paris. "We condemned this action. We condemned it in any way ad form,: said Minister, according to press release received by, Wednesday (11/18/2015).

"Paris attacks showed no country can avoid threat from extremism and terrorism. As global threat, real global action and cooperation needed to fight against this threat," she said.

Minister underlined we need to solve the root cause to fight extremism and terrorism like development discrepancies, unemployment and job discrepancies. It is important that APEC needs to implement inclusive development policy and creates resilient community so development could be felt by all people.

"APEC must be able to take benefit from demographic bonus to create resilient and sustainable community. Education and women empowerment are important investment to take demographic dividend," she said.

Moreover, minister added that APEC countries should push equal opportunity to all groups and empowers human resources so it could be more competitive.

"To achieve inclusive development and resilient community, we also need structural economic reform. Indonesia has taken policies to make our economy more efficient and inclusive," she said.

Retno is optimistic that inclusive development could bring welfare to all people.

This is the 27th APEC Ministerial Meeting that is being held in 16-17 November to prepare discussion in APEC Summit. APEC Ministerial Meeting attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Trade and also ministers from 21 APEC economies.

APEC Ministerial Meeting produced Joint Ministerial Statement that consist of maritime security, infrastructure investment, connectivity development, rural development, support for SMEs, human resources capacity building, regional economic integration development, structural reform and counter-terrorism cooperation.