BKPM Optimizes APEC Nations Investment Plans

Angga Bratadharma    •    18 November 2015 16:38 WIB
BKPM Optimizes APEC Nations Investment Plans
Franky Sibarani (Photo: Antara Foto/Widodo S Jusuf)


Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: The Coordinating Board of Investment (BKPM) stated that Indonesia is still potential in attracting investments from APEC member countries. From the 21 members, 11 among them are the big 20 nations realising their investments in Indonesia, within the past five years.
Head of BKPM, Franky Sibarani mentioned that the big five nations with the largest investment in Indonesia are members of APEC, which are Singapore, Japan, United States of America, South Korea and Malaysia. Franky refers to the increasing trend of investment plans from the APEC member nations.

According to the BKPM data, the value of the investment plan from these member nations from January to September 2015 was at US$54.25 billion, or greater than the number of incoming investment plan throughout 2014, at US$52.11 billion.

"That shows the strategic value of APEC to boost the increasing investment to Indonesia. I am sure that the chance for us is still open to pull investments from APEC nations that are already the main partners of investments in Indonesia," mentioned Franky, in his written statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/18/2015).

Franky became more optimistic in pulling greater investments from the APEC member countries, as seeing the survey of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), which placed Indonesia as the main investment destination country among the member countries of APEC, along with China and the US.

"Eight from the ten priority nations of BKPM's investment marketing are members of APEC. Generally, Indonesia has become the main investment destination of APEC members who had become the investment priority, such as Singapore, Japan, China, South Korea and Malaysia. Greater efforts should be directed to pull investments from the US, Taiwan and Australia," he concluded.


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