Bali and Modernization

Pelangi Karismakristi    •    23 November 2015 14:06 WIB
Bali and Modernization
Ricefield in Bali (Photo: Getty Images)

Bali and Modernization, Denpasar:  "Bali is a beautiful island, Land of Gods capturing the heart. It's a lovely memories when I get home, always remembering the island..."

It was a part of the Bali Island lyrics, brought by Cindy Cenora during the 90s era. The song seems perfect to picture the beauty of Bali. There are lots of words to write all interesting things there.

The exotic nature, thick religious culture and the hospitality of its people. The amazement on the Island of the Gods has been felt when the plane is about to land in I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar.

The sleeping eyes went directly awake to see the view behind the window. Below, the blue sea and white sand are 'calling' to be explored. People say it is not coming to Bali if we do not see the sunset.

It is lucky that when gazing further, the sun was setting on the western part. It was okay, although looking through the plane's window. However, it is really God's masterpiece! I can't wait to land and travel around the Denpasar city.

A moment later, the aircraft finally landed, and the journey begins. Along the way, there were lots of Hindunese buildings. 'Poleng' cloth (Balinese checkered cloth) was everywhere, complete with its offerings to the Gods.

Also the shrines (pura) lining up, as the island was also nicknamed as the island of a thousand temples. Interestingly, at the corner of the street, some residents were conducting a religious service, as it shows the Balinese's thick religious side.

Despite the majority of Hindu in the island, the religious tolerance is stronger than ever. One of the native residents of Bali, Ni Nyoman Desi Pramiyanti mentioned that she is living in a housing complex with a majority of Muslims. However, during her period of living for 25 years there, she has never felt any differentiation, as everyone live well alongside each other.

"We greet each other during every religious holidays, if I (Hindunese) celebrate religious holidays, I send the delicacies to neighboring residents. As also the other way around," explained the employee of a bank. 

Desi felt lucky to be born and raised in Bali. "The culture here is still maintained. I also think that the Hindu religion had made Bali as a tourism spot, especially for its religious culture," added the Karangasem resident.

Somehow the day went darker. The beauty of the sunset from a mile high was still recorded in the mind, as the journey continued. Then, it was the Kuta street, which is the icon of Bali. 

However, it is a shame that going through this road, the nuance of 'Bali' is not felt strongly, as everything has transformed with the modernization. A Hindu priest mentioned that despite experiencing modernization, the religious life and culture is still preserved.

"We are still conducting our religious services. Make Bali an asset," mentioned the Hindu priest, Ida Pandita Mpu Dhaksa Charya Manuaba.

It is a blessing to be given a chance to step onto the God's given land. Don't go to Bali for only two days, as there are too many beautiful scenes not to be missed. Be careful of becoming addicted.