Rupiah Nearing Rp13,700 This Morning

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    01 Desember 2015 10:18 WIB
Rupiah Nearing Rp13,700 This Morning
Illustration (Photo: Antara Foto/Sigid Kurniawan), Jakarta: Rupiah rebounded against United States dollar this morning nearing Rp13,700/USD level.
Quoting Bloomberg, Tuesday (12/1/2015) Rupiah strengthened 44 points or 0.32 percent to Rp13,803/USD.
Rupiah moved between Rp13,798-Rp13,855 this morning with year to date return 11.87 percent. Yesterday, Rupiah was closed at Rp13,847.
Meanwhile according Yahoo Finance data, Rupiah fluctuated 33.5 points or 0.24 percent to Rp13,820.
Rupiah strengthened when market is waiting inflation data from National Statistics Agency. The increase was also influenced by the naming of Yuan as world currency.
"The lowering of inflation could give positive sentiment to Rupiah but external factors could weaken Rupiah," explained Samuel Sekuritas Analyst Rangga Cipta.


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