Ethics Trial for House Speaker Launched, Energy Minister Summoned

Githa Farahdina    •    02 Desember 2015 12:42 WIB
Ethics Trial for House Speaker Launched, Energy Minister Summoned
House Speaker Setya Novanto (MI/Moh Irfan), Jakarta: House of Representatives Ethics Tribunal (MKD) will hold first trial of House Speaker Setya Novanto who allegedly falsely claiming to speak for President Joko Widoodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla during his conversation with PT Freeport Indonesia amid the company's contract extension negotiation.
The first trial will summon Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman as the person who reported the case to MKD.
"We will hear his report in detail. We want his explanation," said MKD member, A Bakrie, by phone, Wednesday (12/2/2015).
Bakrie said the record that was given by Sudirman when he reported the case last month could be revealed in the trial. Bakrie also hoped Sudirman brings the full record that was not given to MKD.
The lawmaker from PAN said he is not yet know whether the trial will be open or closed for public. He believed Sudirman will ask the trial to be open.
"We from PAN Faction wants the trial to be open although we don't know the agenda of the trial," he said.
Bakrie said he doesn't care if there are MKD members who support Setya Novanto and want the trial to be closed. He asked MKD members to be neutral for the case.