Golkar Urged to Replace Setya Novanto to Avoid Public Outcry

M Rodhi Aulia    •    10 Desember 2015 13:37 WIB
Golkar Urged to Replace Setya Novanto to Avoid Public Outcry
House Speaker Setya Novanto (left) (Antara/Yudhi Mahatma)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Setya Novanto is considered to put a bad mark on Golkar's image. Therefore, Golkar politician Ahmad Dolly Kurnia urged Novanto to step down from his position as the Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR).
Golkar's internal conflict is not entirely completed despite the Supreme Court's ruling. When the Golkar elite is looking for reconciliation, there is news that Novanto is requesting stocks to PT Freeport Indonesia by misusing the position of Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla.
"We are worried that the party will be left out and became a fossil," mentioned Dolly in a press conference of the Young Generation of Golkar in Blok S, South Jakarta, Wednesday (12/9/2015).
Golkar Politician from Aburizal "Ical" Bakrie's front affirmed that Novanto will not be able to dodge after the hearing of the Council Honor Board rolled the recordings of Novanto with President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia, Maroef Sjamsoeddin.
He thinks that a large portion of the public has been aware and understood the content of the discussion, as they felt offended. "If the opposite stance is taken by maintaining Novanto, the bet is on the name of Golkar Party. If you don't want the public to hate (Golkar), I think Novanto should step down," he mentioned.
According to Dolly, Golkar leadership must take a decision through the mechanism arranged in the structural regulations. The leaders of the party do not have to wait for legal decisions, but may replace Novanto through the party's general assembly.