Indonesia Fashion Week to be Held in 2016

Nia Deviyana    •    10 Desember 2015 17:55 WIB
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Indonesia Fashion Week to be Held in 2016
Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 Press Conference (Photo: MTVN/Nia Deviyana), Jakarta: One of the largest fashion shows in the country is going to be held again. Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2016 will take place on March 10-13, 2016.
Poppy Dharsono, as the chairwoman of the Association of Indonesian Designers and Enterpreneurs (APPMI) quoted that the feat will put forward the richness of Indonesia.
"Certainly, we want to echo the potential of Indonesia in every fashion week. We will also socialize the use of natural, environmental friendly materials in fashion industry. Although it will not be easy, but we should for the greater good," she mentioned in a press conference at Gran Mahakam Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday evening (12/9/2015).
It is different with the previous year, where there were lots of fashion booth. This year, they will all be reduced.
"We want to make things neat. The previous ones were always big and messy. If last year we had 700 booths, this year is round 487," explained designer Musa Widyatmodjo.
Recently, it was known that APPMI had experienced a conflict, resulting in the resignation of Ali Charisma from the chairman position.
With Ali Charisma resigning from APPMI membership, automatically the Balinese designer would be the President of IFW, as well as the last cooperation between Ali and IFW.
Aligned with the issue, the public is questioning whether the OFW feat still continues. In this case, Poppy Darsono reaffirmed the continuation of IFW 2016.
"PT Radyatama as the committee of IFW is partnering with APPMI as an organization, not individual. The temporary management has prepared the committee for IFW 2016. It is hoped that the current feat is better than before," mentioned Poppy.


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