South Korea Commits USD16 Billion Investment

Arif Wicaksono    •    14 Desember 2015 14:53 WIB
South Korea Commits USD16 Billion Investment
BKPM Chief Franky Sibarani (Photo: MTVN/Husen Miftahudin), Jakarta: The investment plan from South Korea was identified at US$16 billion (equal to Rp216 trillion with the currency of Rp13,500) based on the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) on the period of October 22, 2014 to December 4, 2015.
Head of BKPM, Franky Sibarani, added that from the amount of intentions identified at US$16 billion, at least US$4 billion was some very serious intentions.
From the value of the serious investment intention, the prioritized sectors serving as main contributors are the high employment industry sector with US$2.8 billion, then infrastructure at US$538 million and import substitution industry at US$452 million.
"For the realized interest as principal license, was recorded at US$616 million, comprising of high employment industry at US$257 million, infrastructure at US$158 million and agriculture sector at US$141 million," he elaborated in a written statement in Jakarta, Sunday (12/13/2015).
Franky Sibarani mentioned that South Korean investors are more aggressive and bold decision makers. 
"They realize that in investing in Indonesia, they have to compete with other investors investing their capital to Indonesia," he mentioned.
Franky explained that his party will continue to conduct coordination measures with all stakeholders, as together girding the investment intentions conveyed by the South Korean investors.
From the investment realization published by BKPM for the January to September 2015 period, South Korea has placed fourth with the total investment of US$1 billion and 1,529 projects, under the top ranked Singapore at US$3.55 billion with 1,999 projects; Malaysia at US$2.9 billion with 600 projects and Japanese at US$2.5 billion with 1,318 projects. Meanwhile following South Korea, there is the Netherlands with US$908 million with 301 projects.