Rupiah Opened at Rp14,060/USD

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    15 Desember 2015 10:13 WIB
Rupiah Opened at Rp14,060/USD
Illustration (Photo: MI/Rommy Pujianto), Jakarta:Rupiah stayed in Rp14,000 USD level this morning.
Quoting Bloomberg, Tuesday (12/15/2015), rupiah was opened strengthened to Rp14,060/USD compared with its position yesterday at Rp14,122. Rupiah then slightly weakened  59 points or 0.42 % to Rp14,063. The currency moved between RP14,047-Rp14,080 this morning.
Meanwhile, according Yahoo Finance data, rupiah strengthened five points or 0.04% to Rp14,060.
Samuel Sekuritas Analyst Rangga Cipta said falling oil price and the lowering of Chinese yuan give negative sentiment to rupiah.
"We wait trade balance report this afternoon. Trade surplus is predicted falling to USD700 million," he said.