Corruption and Red Tape, the Cause of Low Competitiveness

Ilham wibowo    •    15 Desember 2015 10:44 WIB
Corruption and Red Tape, the Cause of Low Competitiveness
Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucracy Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi (Photo: MI/Rommy Pujianto), Jakarta: Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucracy Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi mentioned that the most crucial issues in Indonesia's governance, which caused the lacking competitiveness of the nation in the global market, are corruption and bureaucracy inefficiency. Therefore, the efforts to conduct systematic prevention is in order. 
"The contribution of corruption factor reached 19.3 percent, as the bureaucracy inefficiency is at 15 percent. If it were seen as cancer, it would be at the final stadium. Both bureaucracy pathology is in need to be wiped clean," mentioned Yuddi in a written statement received by, Monday (12/14/2015).
Yuddi stated that the important efforts to wipe clean corruption and bureaucracy inefficiency will not only rely on the law enforcement, but also through the systematic prevention efforts of bureaucracy reform. He thinks that the PANRB Ministry is currently boosting the development of Integrity Zone (ZI) towards the Free Corruption Area (WBK) and Clean Bureaucracy Service Area (WBBM) as a concrete form of bureaucracy reform.
"Along with KPK and Ombudsman, we are boosting the socialization and companionship of the ZI development to the Ministries, Institutions and Regional Government," explained Yuddy. 
Previously, Minister Yuddy with Acting Chief of KPK Johan Budi presented the awards of the Evaluation on Integrity Zone Development towards The Free Corruption Area and Clean Bureaucracy Service Area in 2015, at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga), Bandung, Friday, December 10.
In that occasion, Minister Yuddy mentioned that the government is not only keeping silence, but continues to monitor, evaluate and empower the working units of the public and licensing services to become the champion of the service units. With the directions provided by the ministry, the units will then competing in providing clean services and free from corruption.
The working units of the public and licensing services which become champions are what is called as the Integrity Zone. Yuddy hopes the movement will become a massive improvement movements as mandated by President Joko Widodo.
"ZI is not a ceremonial event, but substantially related to the governance function, good government management and public satisfaction. To gain good predicate, then the created planning must be managed and implemented well, as well as accountable," he explained.
Therefore, Yuddy continued, the development of ZI is not just a pact of integrity signing, but more to the real action of the government in conducting the fast forward of bureaucracy reform into the realization of clean, effective, democratic and trustable governance management. According to Yuddy, WBK and WBBM are more than just terms given by objective assessment. The predicate is given based on the inwards improvements, which is the performance based accountability, as well as outward services to the public.
In the occasion, Minister Yuddy handed over directly the awards for 13 working units from each institution for 2015. For WBBM, there is only one recipient, which is the Dr. Karyadi Regional Public Hospital, Semarang. 12 other recipients received the WBK predicate.
Meanwhile, the Deputy of Bureaucracy Reform, Accountability and Surveillance of Apparatus, Muhammad Yusuf Ateh mentioned that the process in obtaining WBK and WBBM is a long path. "We do not play around, evaluation of ZI development towards WBK and WBBM is conducted tightly and objectively. The key is in the commitment and integrity of the leaders, as well as the hard work of all working unit components," mentioned Ateh
According to Ateh, until 2015, there have been 338 institutions planning the ZI development. From the number, 33 institutions have proposed 112 working units to be undergoing fit and proper test to gain the predicate of WBK/WBBM.
"The result, there are 14 working units with WBK and 9 units with WBBM," mentioned Ateh.


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