China Witnessing Strongest Heat Wave in Six Decades

16 August 2022 00:22

A heat wave continues to grip parts of Southern China this week leaving swathes of farmlands in drought. China's Meteorological Authority issued high temperature alerts in the past month and several provinces in Southern China are expected to see above 40 Celsius.

Jiangxi Province in Southeastern China issued high temperature alerts for over two weeks and raised it to the highest level on Sunday (14/8/2022). More sprinkler trucks are deployed to try to relieve the city from extreme heat. In Ma'anshan City of Anhui Province to the North of Jiangxi the temperature Sunday (14/8/2022) afternoon reached 42.7 Celsius. 

Cctv said the city government activated emergency response in case of supply shortages. Chongqing municipality witnessed the record breaking of the longest period of high temperature this summer. The heat wave is expected to continue for at least ten days with the highest reaching 44 degree Celsius. State newspaper global times citing the country's meteorological authority said this summer is believed to have the heaviest heat wave in six decades.