KPPU Summon Google Over Monopoly Allegations

7 December 2022 03:18

The Indonesian watchdog for business competition or the KPPU are set to summon representatives of Google in the US and Singapore. Regarding allegations of monopoly over digital app distribution in Indonesia.

The chief spokesperson of Indonesian Business Competition Watchdog Deswin Nur said that the watchdog will summon google representatives this week and is coordinating with the Indonesian ministry of foreign affairs to deliver those summons letters to google's headquarters in California and Google Asia pacific offices in Singapore.

The KPPU have already asked for statements from google Indonesia but need further clarifications for other google offices. The Indonesian business competition watchdog is currently conducting investigations regarding allegations of monopoly by Google.

This is in regards to the company's requirement to use google pay billings for certain apps with service charges of 15 to 30 percent for each app purchase.

Indonesia's business competition watchdog, believes that such policies are unfair for Indonesian app developers as the service charges are too high. Prior to this those wishing to buy apps could use other payment methods that charge service fees below five percent much lower than google's service fee of 15 to 30 percent.